You’d have a hard time finding anything better than Barcelona for food, as far as being a hub.” 

Anthony Bourdain

Despite travelling to Barcelona a few years ago as part of a wider food-focused tour of Spain, I returned to conquer the Barcelona Half Marathon. I ran the race with a couple of pals both named Josh and we spent some time in the Catalan capital leading up to the race to eat, drink and acclimatise. I have captured some of my favourite stops on this trips below.

Perikete Tapas

Nestled in the old bazaars of the Barceloneta neighbourhood, this traditional bar boasts an extensive wine list, delicious Iberian produce and incredible seafood.

Perched on a corner in the bustling neighbourhood, Periteke is a great spot for an early evening vermouth and cured meat plate. We visited a couple of times, attracted back later in the evening after a particularly pleasant apertivio session at sunset.

You must try the razor clams which carry the smokiness of the fire they’re cooked above. We also enjoyed the anchovies which were sweet and tender and they serve an oversized croqueta with spicy meat which was memorable.

Taverna Can Margarit

Impossible to find online and a real hidden gem, if you’re into converted antique barns. Probably the most interesting stop on our visit, we tried slow cooked rabbit (face included), snails unlike anything you’d find in France and drank wine straight from the enormous barrels mounted on the walls. Like taking a step back in time, Taverna Can Margarit transports me to Hemingway novels where his characters mix with Spanish peasants, rebelling against the progress of Franco’s army during the civil war. Perhaps I have an over-active imagination but if you want a really stimulating eating experience (as well as a delicious one) then go, go, go!

Taverna Can Margarit

Granja Dulcinea

Opened in 1941, Granja Dulcinea is an emblematic chocolatier of Barcelona. A traditional Catalan breakfast for many, Suizo and churros are a sweet start to the day. What is effectively super-think hot chocolate, Suizo acts as a dipping sauce for hot, sugar-coated churros. We headed here in the morning to line our stomachs for a day of sightseeing and more eating.

Granja Dulcinea

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3 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Barcelona is one of the best places I have had a chance to visit. We loved eating outside and drinking sangria and eating paella. That hot chocolate and churro you mention sounds like a great way to start your day (or end it for that matter).


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