Aquavit – St James’s Market

Footfall is a restaurant’s number one objective – get people in, serve them food you are confident is delicious, let them recommend to friends, watch the seats fill. Simple, no? Not in London, where the restaurant industry is extremely competitive. 2017 saw a ‘13% increase in insolvencies since 2016,’[1] meaning restaurants need to think a little more creatively to encourage customers through the front door.

Well, Aquavit have done exactly that. Not in the heart of theatre town but still close enough to offer theatre-goers a very well-priced set menu before and after shows – this renowned Nordic eatery are nailing it.

Aquavit Menu

I can confirm that the Blood pudding was marvellous. I am a long-time fan of black pudding with my fry up, which was somewhat imitated in this dish with the bacon and lardo crumb flavour combination. Star of the Smörgåsbord was the herring. A scandi staple, the dill infused sour cream and rich egg yolk were a marriage with the fish. I couldn’t resist the Swedish meatballs which were flavoursome and tender (I struggle with a dry meatball). Accompanied by seriously creamy mash and tart lingonberries, I was left entirely satiated and satisfied by my meal. The exquisite, sleek-scandi dining room is a real treat, too.

Aquavit (1)

Of course, I loved my evening at Aquavit, they have defined and refined their offering with no-nonsense Nordic style and efficiency. I really hope the pre/post theatre menu catches on and everyone can enjoy some Michelin starred dining without the price tag.

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One thought on “Aquavit – St James’s Market

  1. Great blog! Really enjoyed reading this and went on to read the Guardian article too. It’s definitely an interesting time for resraurants so great to see restaurants like this stepping up to that challenge.


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