One Year: Looking Forwards and Looking Back

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Milestones often provide the perfect opportunity to reflect – to think about ones past achievements and downfalls and to ponder and plan what is to come. Below, is a brief summary of my first year as a blogger; what I have eaten, where I have been and what I have learned. I will designate some thought to what is to come in the year ahead; where I want to eat, where I want to go and the things I would like to change in order to evolve.

My Highlights

Top 3 Restaurants:

  • Lyle’s – I was utterly taken aback when I ate at Lyle’s. The seasonal, changing menu concept really appeals to me and the food I ate on my visit was incredible. Well-sourced produced, well presented and expertly crafted.
  • Ellory – Presented with a Michelin star in 2016, Ellory has gone from strength-to-strength. I get butterflies every time I read their email newsletter each month. So much care goes into every aspect of their operation, right from the food to their customer outreach – who they genuinely seem to care about.
  • Clipstone – The sister restaurant to Portland was never going to disappoint. When I dined here I gorged on calves brains and other opulent delicacies – an experience not to be forgotten.

Top 3 Dishes:

  • Whipped Cod’s Roe and Devilled Pig Skin @ Marksman Pub, Hackney. I am a sucker for anything devilled and my go-to pub snack is pork scratchings so this little beauty really sang for me.
  • Wagyu Beef Kobocha Purée and Sesame Snow @ SUSHISAMBA, Liverpool Street. These delightful little gyoza parcels melted upon contacted with the inside of my mouth and the subsequent burst of flavours made me weak at the knees.
  • The Original @ Coqfighter. Having spent a number of my student years in South East London, I acquired a taste for fried chicken. The double-fried, panko crumbed thigh burgers at Coqfighter are bonkers.

Top Travel Destination:

  • Lisbon ! This was a tricky choice, however, charming ol’ Lisbon really stole my heart. The ridiculously fresh seafood was immense and my dining experience at Restaurant Leopold was one I’ll never forget.

What have I learned one year on?

  • Blogging is a powerful form of communication. There are so many others out there who would love to share the experiences I have on my food-filled journeys and I similarly love sharing the experiences of others!


Where to eat next:

  • Pidgin – Much like Lyle’s, Pidgin change their menu on a weekly basis and, from what I have heard, they get it right each time. My work colleagues swear by it and their insistence only fuels my desire to give it a crack!
  • Lorne – London dining pedigree bursts from the seams at this new(ish) restaurant. Chef Peter Hall and Sommelier Katie Exton have worked together previously at acclaimed institution, The Square. This is one that must be visited.

Where to travel next:

  • Tuscany – I would love to revisit Florence and the surrounding areas for four major reasons: boar, truffles, wine and steak. Need I say any more?

I am proud of how far my blog has come over the past year – some experiences have been unforgettable and that is thanks to this page! Going forward, however, I must make an effort to blog more, despite the commitment of work and London life generally, it is something that really makes me happy. Similarly, I MUST reach out to more like-minded bloggers. We are a friendly bunch who get a kick out of sharing foodie experiences. Note to self – be more open to people and their ideas and don’t be afraid to strike up a convo!

Happy Birthday to me…

3 thoughts on “One Year: Looking Forwards and Looking Back

  1. Hey Happy Anniversary! Well done! I just reached one year too 🙂 As a half Portuguese, I’m so happy you loved Lisbon! It really is an amazing city for foodies. The lack of quality Portuguese restaurants outside of Portugal hasn’t helped spread that message but seems even that is now slowly changing.
    All the best, XO Miss Portmanteau


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