First, let me introduce myself. I am Edward, a recent English Literature graduate from Goldsmiths University of London. Since graduating, I have been interning at Larder Fair, a craft food subscription start-up based in London. This is a role I have really enjoyed and it has inspired me to begin a lifelong ambition, to immerse myself in the world of all things food and write about my experiences. Coupled with my time at Larder Fair I also worked as part of a dedicated foodie team in a deli, cafe and caterers called Mimosa, who have a number of stores around London.

Now my London experience has come to an end, for the time being, I have made plans to travel through France and Spain with the sole purpose of eating, drinking, being jolly and then documenting my folly. This blog will capture my experiences eating  traditional food in a certain region or wild and quirky cuisine often scoffed at by us Brits, yet frequently eaten by our European neighbours.

I hope to learn a lot from this journey, try new things and enjoy the freedom of writing about something I feel truly passionate about. Sheila Graham, a 1950’s Hollywood columnist, was famously quoted saying, ‘food is the most primitive form of comfort.’ A sentiment I couldn’t agree with more. Internationally, food brings people together and provides immeasurable joy in people’s lives, it is both an essential and a luxury. It is for these reasons food is of such an interest to me and hopefully I can convey my passion in writing for you to enjoy too.




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